We. Are. Live.

Babes. I got so damn emotional with this release day. Sending a book I wrote with the love of my life out into the world is something beyond special.

We are so very proud of this book. It’s a story unlike anything I’ve ever written. It’s about monsters. About suffering. Stolen innocence. But it’s also about strength. Vengeance. And love. Although I wouldn’t call it a romance, I would say that the love between Orion and Maddox is the unbreakable thread woven through this book.

I can’t wait for you to read it. You can get it on Amazon, iBooks, Nook & Kobo.

We’ve also got an awesome giveaway going on. A signed copy of Hush plus a bunch of other books and swag. All you need to do is watch our YouTube video and check out the description for details. Plus, the video tells you all about our writing process and what you can expect from the book. Watch it here.