I get a lot of questions from readers about reading order. I have designed almost all of my books to be read as standalones, with the exceptions of the Unquiet Mind series (it works best to start with #1) and The Vein Chronicles.

Below is the ideal reading order that all of my readers have contributed to. There is a jump between some series within the Sons of Templar universe. Now, if you’re someone that needs to read a series from start to finish with no breaks, you can totally do that and it will not dampen your reading experience.

This is just a guideline more than anything else. Not rules. Because we hate rules here.

Whatever way you read my books, I hope you enjoy every single one…


Reading Order

The Sons of Templar Universe
Making the Cut (Sons of Templar MC #1)

Firestorm (Sons of Templar MC #2)

Outside the Lines (A Sons of Templar Novella #2.5)

Out of Ashes (Sons of Templar MC #3)

Echoes of Silence (Unquiet Mind #1)

Skeletons of Us (Unquiet Mind #2)

Beyond the Horizon (Sons of Templar MC #4)

Dauntless (Sons of Templar MC #5)

Broken Shelves (Unquiet Mind #3)

Still Waters (Greenstone Security #1)

Shield (Greenstone Security #2)

Battles of the Broken (Sons of Templar MC #6)

The Problem with Peace (Greenstone Security #3)

Hollow Hearts (A Sons of Templar Novella)

Mistake’s Melody (Unquiet Mind #4)

Deadline to Damnation (Sons of Templar MC #7)

Chaos Remains (Greenstone Security #4)

Censored Soul (Unquiet Mind #5)

Resonance of Stars (Greenstone Security #5)

Scars of Yesterday (Sons of Templar MC #8)

Three Kinds of Trouble (Sons of Templar MC #9)

Wretched Love (New Mexico SOT #1)

The Vein Chronicles
Fatal Harmony
Faults in Fate
Eternity’s Awakening

Birds of Paradise