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“Anyone can breathe through any kind of pain. That’s why I told myself. Breathing isn’t hard. It’s just sometimes you have to remind yourself that. As long as you remember, breathing is easy.”

Have you been itching for more of the Greenstone Security series? You’re in luck. Chaos Remains is the latest book in the series and it’s out now. You can grab it right now right here.

“There is no real me. Only layers of lies.”

I know a lot of my Unquiet Mind readers have been waiting for something. Someone. Noah. He has been an enigma, a steadfast protecter and a broken soul since the beginning. I knew I needed to write his story. But I was afraid. Of not being able to give Noah the story he needed. The story he deserved. Then, one night, after midnight, he spoke to me. And this story came out. Censored Soul is the last book in the series. I’m so in love with this book and it’s the perfect end to the beautiful journey this series has taken on me. Guess what? It’s are LIVE. You can buy it here.

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