Scripture was wrong. The devils and demons didn’t reside below our feet in the bowels of hell. They lived above the clouds, in ivory towers, controlling humans like pawns while sipping thousand-dollar wine.

doyenne is a story that demanded to be told. It’s a billionaire romance. But not like you’ve ever read before. It’s not a man sitting in a boardroom, controlling the world. It’s a woman…

I don’t know what it’s like to feel.
To hurt.
The ability was stolen from me in my youth.
I consider that theft a gift.
Feelings got in the way when you were building an empire.
Amassing power.
I had the empire.
I had the power.
One moment in an alley changed everything.
What took over a decade to amass was snatched away in a second.
He killed for me.
But he didn’t save me.

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