Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-08-15T17:22:51+00:00
How did you get into writing?2018-08-15T17:24:31+00:00

I’m planning on covering this in depth in an upcoming blog post, because I can never write a short answer (or a short book) but I’ll try and be quick here. I’ve always loved reading and writing, and I’ve written stories since I was five. Ask my mum, she still has my very first story (about a princess, obviously). I started writing Gwen and Cade’s story at a difficult period in my life when I was in the middle of a studying degree that I hated. I wrote about a quarter of their story to get me through, give me an escape, give me some kind of hope.

I ended up dropping out of that degree to backpack around Europe for a year. When I came back, I was ready to dive into my true passion as well as start another degree. And here we are, three years, one degree and seventeen books later.

What has been your favourite book to write?2018-08-15T15:52:04+00:00

Fatal Harmony. Isla is one of my favourite characters to date, and she is just so much fun. PNR and Fantasy are my two ultimate genres so it is a dream come true to write within that genre.

What is your writing process?2018-08-15T17:25:20+00:00

I honestly don’t have a process. My life operates on barely organized chaos and my writing mimics this. I joke with my family about my brain being a bag of feral cats and my days are spent wrangling them. I’m a total pantser, which means I don’t plot, I sit down at the computer and just see where the story takes me. I never usually know how a book is going to end. Though, sometimes all I know is the end and then I have to write backwards. Every book demands something a little different from me.

Can I purchase signed paperbacks?2018-08-15T15:52:19+00:00

I’m working on it. Since I’m currently based in the UK, I’m researching the best shipping options. I’ll try to post when I’m in different countries and ship out books when I can, but watch this space.

What events will you be attending?2018-08-15T15:52:23+00:00

I have a section of this website dedicated to upcoming signings, I’m going to be cutting down on signings in the coming years, but I’ll try and make it to at least one event a year.

I loved reading about Lexie and Killian in Out of the Ashes, do they get a book?2018-08-15T15:52:28+00:00

Yes, in fact they get two. Echoes of Silence and Skeletons of Us. I’m planning on writing a story for each member of the band, including Noah.

Does Rosie get a book?2018-08-15T15:52:32+00:00

Heck yeah she does! She is the ultimate badass biker princess. Her book, Shield, is the second in my Greenstone Security series and can be read as a standalone.

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