So this is scary. Like really scary. My first book, my first blog post as an author. I’m really struggling with that title, I certainly don’t see myself as an author, as a writer. I just had an idea, a little world that was created inside my head,  ‘Making the Cut’ was born when I transferred that world from my head into print. The characters are very special to me, and continue to live on, even though I have finished the book. Maybe that’s because the story of the Sons of Templar MC is far from done, but lets first talk about where it started.

Gwen Alexandra does not need a man in her life. Especially not a man who looks like Chris Hemsworth and Joe Manganiello’s love child. One wearing leather, riding a Harley, and covered in tattoos.

Gwen can bet every pair of her Manolo’s that Cade Fletcher is trouble. From the moment she meets him, the attraction sizzles between them. Gwen has a problem when it comes to attractive men in motorcycle clubs. The last one she got involved with almost killed her.

After healing physically, Gwen decides to get a new start in a small town, half a country away from the man who nearly cost her her life. She isn’t in town five minutes when she runs into Cade, a man that is too sexy and dangerous for his own good.

She tries to keep away from him, to ignore the attraction between them. But the biker has other ideas, soon she is in way over her head. Her heart, and her life are in danger once again.

That’s the blurb from my Amazon page. It is incredibly weird to see my book for sale. Like people can actually buy it. And read it. And like it. Or hate it. I’m hoping people love Gwen and Cade as much as I do, for they have a special place in my heart. And I secretly hope there is a real, living, breathing man somewhere out there who personifies Cade. A girl can dream right?

Anyway, I hope you can take a chance on Gwen and Cade, you won’t regret it. Click on my book cover to head over to Amazon to check it out. And let me know what you think!

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Anne xxx