Okay, babes.
It’s that time again.

Sons of Templar time.

Did you really think I’d end 2020 without giving you some bikers? I feel like we all need something to look forward to right now. I can tell you, Scars of Yesterday is something to look forward to. It’s a story I’ve been afraid to write for months now. What I can tell you about writing is that the story you’re most afraid of, that’s the one you should write. That’s the one that will capture the hearts, minds and souls of readers.

I’m hoping that’s what Scars of Yesterday is going to do to you. I don’t have a preorder for this one. I’m actually going to release it as soon as I’ve got the proofs back. So I’ll be updating everyone on social media and in my reader group as to when I’m uploading. I’m aiming for mid/late November, if that helps. I’ve got the blurb below, and make sure to add it to your TBR.
Thank you for continuing to read my books. You’ve made my dreams come true.


The Sons of Templar MC.

I’m sure you’ve heard of them.

They’re infamous.

But to me, they’re family.

My husband wore the cut for well over a decade. For almost as long as he wore a wedding ring. Our marriage survived wars. Deaths. Blood. The cuts were deep. And they never healed quite right. But we survived.

Until we didn’t.

He promised me forever. And he gave it to me. His version of it, at least. Mine was longer, though. Much longer.

I wanted to blame the Sons for killing my husband, wanted to hate the club. The cut. But that was impossible. Especially when I found myself falling in love with another man wearing the same cut.

Just when I thought there was nothing left in me to wound, he cut me the deepest.