Eeeekk. Here it is. Release day. I have been counting down the days until I could finally share Killian and Lexie’s story with you all. I put my heart and soul into this book. Not that I don’t with every book, but Echoes was different. I didn’t plan on writing this, Killian and Lexie were only meant to get one book once they’d grown up a bit. YA was never something I planned on writing. But this wasn’t my choice. The muse gripped me and demanded I write this book. When I wasn’t writing about it, I was thinking about it. When I wasn’t thinking about it, I was dreaming about it. Quite simply, Lexie and Killian took over my life. And I loved it. I hope you all get swept away into their story like I did.

I’m so excited about the future of the Unquiet Mind series…but that’s for later. For now we get to see a love blossom between two teenagers that promises a heart warming and heart wrenching journey. News on the conclusion of Killian and Lexie’s story is coming soon, just know I won’t keep you waiting too long. Let’s get started on what promises to be an epic love story….

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EoS Amazon Cover

People make love seem complicated. Intricate. Novels try to capture its intensity; music tries to rein in its soul.
I’ve read every novel I could. I’ve lived and breathed every song that I could listen to. The sounds fill my unquiet mind.
Then he came.
He brought with him the beauty of silence that echoes through my soul and showed me love isn’t complicated. It’s simple. Beautiful.
Some say love at first sight doesn’t exist, that you can’t find your soul mate at sixteen years old. Those are people rooted in reality, chained to the confines of life that dictates how you are meant to think. Killian broke those chains. He broke everything, shattered it so I can see that reality is overrated, that daydreams can somehow come to life.
My life tumbled into darkness in the time after I met him, so dark I’m not sure I’ll ever see the light again. But he is always at my side. His life means he knows how to navigate the dark and he can lead me out.
I wade through the darkness with him at my side.
We’ll be together forever; I’m certain of that.
Until I’m not.